Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where Should I Start?

Important things first before I make you drool((: Again perhaps? 
ATTENTION TO ALL LADIES!Sorry guys unless you do makeup, yes? Sorry ONLY IPHONE USERS though. Blame my company-.- Love to doll yourself up? Here's your chance to win $150 worth of Esprique Gift Hamper from KOSE! 

Download "Girls Make feat Esprique" from Appstore and snap a picture of yourself. Bare faced alright?And than doll your face with the Esprique range "makeups" available from the app. Follow the steps below to your makeover. I'm just typing out the important parts in case the  brochure is a little small to see. 

Finally, send your beautiful entry to . 3 winners "Glamorous", "Princess" and "Modern Chic" each will walk away with $150 worth of makeup hamper (Makeup Base, Eyeshadow, Cheek Colour and Lipstick) ((: Easy aye? Like Kose Singapore Facebook page for weekly look too!

Oh and I recently got a palette of 4 eyeshadow colour from Kanebo. Very earthly, I like^^ It's quite pricey though)): $77 but it's damn worth it because it is very lasting. I sound like a bimbo-.-

Oh and how could I forget to share the yummy stuffs?

I know Mooncake Festival is over but this is darn good that I have to share. You can get it next year okay *wink*

Durian lovers! Mao Shan Wang Durian mooncake for you! It doesn't taste like those cheap ones you can easily get from the neighbourhood bakery that only have the flavour. This is real durian inside it! Comes 8 in a box that cost about $70+. From Bakerzin! Remember those chicken wings I shared?

This dou sha biscuit is nicer than the ones I got from Batam. They're brought back by a colleague's colleague from Malaca. I hear Ipoh's is well-knowned too. Bring them back for me if anyone ever go. But I would very much prefer ma ti biscuit((: 

This place serves decent Japanese food. It is located in the Bottle Tree Park at Yishun. Doesn't sound convincing, do I? Sorry I didn't have pictures to show because just nice my phone's battery died on me-.- Go try it out!

Ahhh the famous Scissors Cut Curry Rice. At Bugis just located at the coffee shop directly behind Bugis Plus Mall. Cheap and yummy =P

And this cake I don't know what is it taste perfectly nice for my sweet tooth((: Something like strawberry cheesecake. From Bakerin too.

Oh and this! FML >.<

I burnt the side of my lips in a hurry to drink a scalding hot soup. Very nice effect uh? Thanks to the big spoon and my small mouth))': It never heal for month already! Yes, to my dismay)):  I've tried all types of cream to apply on it doesn't work! (fuming mad) It is so damn fucking ugly and I don't like when people give me weird stares when they look at me. It's not cause my assertive kissing, fuck you Mr/Ms Know It All.

I dislike looking up at people now. And I stubbornly refuse to go to the doctor. But now I gave in to go see a doctor on my off day soon. I really hope something can be done to let it heal w/o scarring.

Ignore the big small eyes again, I hate the burnts)): and the damn pimple have to pop out to make me feel uglier.

Heehee I love this dress. Glad that I've chose to purchase the crimson one. Need to send for alterations though. Sigh me and my height. I wish I could throw on any clothes and still look amazing. But no, just dreaming.

I always believe that I can achieve what I want. I just have to not give up.

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