Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feeling the Feelings

Grateful for the minute amount of reader I have. At least some still bother to come. I believe I still can achieve what I want as long as I keep faith and not give up.

Chubs had been away for only a 3 days field camp and it felt longer than the 5 days one he went for during his BMT. It's okay I get to spend the next 4 days with him^^ I guess not having more time to spend together really make us miss each other more, and cherish each other better? I do find that sometimes I take things for granted. It is a very very bad habit. I am happy for the things I have now. Of course I want to achieve more and better, because I can. That is so Grey's.

Trying to live my life enjoying the freedom I have now. 2 days ago, I've receive the letter of acceptance from school. School and classes are starting next year 7th Jan)): I foresee myself being super duper busy dividing my time for school, work, family, chubs and friends. I seriously wish I can split myself. Le sigh~ On a lighter note, I've passed my BTT with flying colours! Full marks((: Applied for PDL and FTT on the day itself too. My cousin said driving in our family is heredity. I still feel very worried though. Anyway I'm so looking forward to the lessons maybe next week or the following! Lucky for me I didn't have to wait too long for my FTT too. Date set on 28th of Dec 8pm>.< Wish me plenty of lucky then.

Has recently gone back to being an avid reader. Finished 3 books of Grey's in less than a week using only the free time from work. Love the book despite the many kinky sex content. Especially quoted: "Because I can" and "Laters Baby". I somehow can feel for the character in the book. The sweetness and heartaches. I'm such a emotional bookworm uh?

Caught the movie Ah Boys to Men today. Damn funny show! Exactly like the real happenings for the army boys. The part where the family members bid farewell to the enlistees make me feel like tearing. It's like I feel the sadness all over again when chubs was enlisted. Another successful Jack Neo's film. The whole theatre was filled with boisterous laughters. What more 3 day from the movie's date of release, all tickets are still selling fast and seats are fully booked. Not exaggerating! I went to the ticket counter to get the tickets for 9.15pm at 11am and it was already half full. Can't wait for part 2 to be shown. You can justify by going to catch the movie((: Totally worth it!

Spamming work next month onwards because I want to get myself a camera! And also things for my family and friends. I just want to get things my family/friends want. I wish I'm richer. Haha! I will always think of them because it makes me happy when they are happy.

Share the love~ Because I can^^

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