Saturday, May 25, 2013

Any time, Anywhere ; Randomly

What a long hiatus! My life's mediocre after exams. Everyday is work, work and more work. It's okay, I'm occupied and I don't have to worry about not earning enough for my living expenses. Hope schedule next month will be well-planned and balanced =/ Missing this space so here I am doing what I kinda enjoy((:

Cookie Crumble Mocha from you know where. Ever since exams I realise I love mocha (probably cause it contains choco). Spent a lot of money when studying or exams. Cups after cups of caffeine. Tsk so unhealthy for the body and wallet.

Been enjoying red velvet lately. If I could choose flavour for my cake it could most likely be red velvet too ^^ Thank you Jing and Sarah for always trying to meet up with me even though you both are busy. Where is our workout sessions??!!!

Tiramisu chocolate from Choco Express. Newly opened chocolate place at several places (I think). So far I only know it existed in Hougang Mall and AMK Hub.

Omg and these wonderful Carrot Cake Cupcakes baked and delivered by Alan. I always see many pictures of his pastries done "for fun" and they always look so yummy. Finally I get to taste one of them now((: So blessed with awesome friends ((': 

Heehee and I was so nervous for my retest and I DID IT!Class 3 driver now^^ Lalalalalala~ My cousin say I hao lian (show off) but I'm just very happy okay!*annoyed face* I really thought I might have failed and have to book TP again. THANK GOD!

The babygirl came to visit me at work and accompanied me from break time till the end of work! That's Aston's Black Pepper Fish with Macaroni & Cheese and Corn. Yumms~

And she finally got her present and card from me for a so belated birthday (Hope you like it!). Stained my finger with marker ink while making the card-.-forever clumsy.

Now I can't wait for my own birthday to arrive!Very excited but I'm also worried if thing will go well *fingers crossed*! Cake = checked, headcount = checked, food = checked. Left with deco to shop for!2 more weeks.

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